4 Things to Consider Before Selling Your Morgan Hill Home


In a Hot Real Estate Market Like Morgan Hill, Understanding the Basics of Listing Your Home Will Ensure It Sells Fast and at (or Above) Listing Price.

Even in a sought-after real estate market such as Morgan Hill, selling a home is no small feat. Thankfully, current demand means your house shouldn't linger too long on the open market. If you want to ensure the listing is a home run, selling quickly and for top dollar, check out these four things to consider before selling your Morgan Hill home.

1. Do You Have the Right Listing Agent?

While selling a multimillion-dollar home in Morgan Hill may seem as simple as "list it and they will come," there's a bit more to it than that. This is why partnering with the right broker or listing agent is critical to ensuring a smooth sales process.
Top real estate professionals can guide you through the sales process, from preparation and staging to marketing and closing your coveted Santa Clara County estate. Look for a team with a lengthy list of contacts and a proven track record of success. Strong relationships matter. A well-respected agent brings with them the best stagers, inspectors, photographers, repair services, landscapers, and web developers to ensure your home shines on the market.
Connected, experienced agents also come ready with a deep roster of satisfied clients and motivated buyers. Indeed, the right agent will streamline the sales process for you so you can prepare to move on to the next chapter in your life.

2. Is Your Home Ready to Sell?

Taking into account the high-end level of real estate that Morgan Hill is known for, minor issues can have a considerable impact on the sale of your home. And when selling luxury, first impressions matter a great deal.
First, declutter your home as soon as you decide to sell, and remove anything that personalizes the home. Next, freshen up any areas that might be showing their age. Even newer homes (seven years or less) easily show signs of lived-in wear and tear. Wholesale renovations aren't necessary; fresh paint and minor fixes are always a plus.
Finally, assess the curb appeal and clean up any unsightly areas. Again, significant renovations and broad updates are not required, but you want to wow any potential buyer upon their initial approach to the home.

3. Are You Setting the Right Price?

Many sellers come at the process of listing their homes from an emotional angle. And that’s understandable. This is a house in which you made memories. It served you and your family well. You expect top dollar because of the value to you.
Buyers, however, are coming at the process differently. Pricing your home appropriately from its initial listing is critical. They're reading the market, and so should you. A great seller's market—high demand, low inventory—invites you to price aggressively. Slow markets—low demand, high inventory—are the opposite. 
Work with your agent to determine what the market demands. Take into account your home's amenities versus others in the market. If you price higher than the far larger property with a pool across the street, you need to be able to justify it.

4. Will You Attract the Right Buyer?

Again, your real estate professional will help guide the process here. Consider how your home will be marketed and to whom and if additional resources are worth the investment. An MLS listing is a standard operating procedure, as is ensuring your home appears on online listing services such as Realtor, Trulia, and Zillow.
However, depending on the home you're aiming to sell (specifically, if it's a unique property with a high asking price), consider developing a standalone sales website for the property. You can capture names and contact info from the site and start a dialogue with the most interested parties.
Even using your real estate professional's website to feature the home will have a considerable impact.

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