5 Ways to Market Your Property Online


Homebuying Has Gone Virtual. Make Sure the Right Crowd Sees Your Multimillion-dollar Home With These Tips.

Did you know that roughly half of homebuyers start their real estate searches online? Even if the search doesn't begin with an internet query, nine out of every ten individuals looking for a new home will venture online to assist their search.
And yes, those numbers include people seeking high-end luxury homes. 
In other words, homebuying has gone online.
So how do you capture the attention of the online luxury homebuyer, particularly in a crowded and competitive market? Let's explore five essential methods to market your property online.

1. Dedicated Website

Few things will help a high-end property stand out better than its own space on the internet. With room to expand beyond the basic limits of online listing services, a dedicated property website showcases your home in far greater detail, including professional pictures, virtual tours or videos, and compelling copy. 
You may opt to set up a standalone URL or create a property page that piggybacks off your realtor's website. Regardless, ensure your property site has links to social media and an area to collect email addresses and other contact information.

2. Social Media

From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, advertising on social media is just as effective as your home showing up on Trulia, Realtor, and Zillow (or MLS). Social media marketing represents a digital billboard for your home, exposing it to a vast array of potential homebuyers. 
However, you can also harness each platform's user data. Facebook, in particular (which also owns Instagram), allows you to create highly specific, targeted ads to reach those your home is sure to appeal to most.

3. Videos

Although videos on their own are not "online" marketing, they present a powerful medium to enhance any luxury home's online presence. Videos are one of the most effective forms of marketing. Social media is the ideal spot to showcase the movement and flow of the home's best features. 
When producing an upscale video, it's best to create a long version first (5 to 10 minutes) and then edit it according to your chosen platform (30 to 45 seconds for Instagram; 45 seconds to a minute for Twitter; two to three minutes for Facebook or YouTube).
Note that related virtual tours are now an expected part of the online home shopping experience.

4. Email Marketing

Email remains one of the most direct and popular forms of communication. Start building your email contacts before listing your home with a Facebook ad linked to a presale landing page to collect addresses. A savvy, well-connected agent will help here, too. Their established list of interested buyers is a simple yet enticing email away from wanting to learn more about your upscale residence.
Email marketing is an especially wise move for unique homes that might prove difficult to move (or that appeal to a very specific buyer) or investors selling luxury portfolios. Email is the perfect gateway to a more in-depth conversation about your high-end offering.

5. The Right Real Estate Agent

We've made a few references to partnering with a real estate agent—and for good reason. A tech-savvy agent who’s well-versed in digital and social media and how to market effectively through online mediums makes the sales process much easier to navigate.
Top agents will possess a vast network of service providers—videographers, photographers, web developers, stagers, etc.—to ensure your home shines online. They've also handled past campaigns and know what works, what doesn't, and how to best position your luxury property online and generate interest and multiple offers.
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